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The major tourist sites in a radius of 40km between Dordogne and Lot

Pay less for your visits thanks to our special prices negotiated with the major Lot and Dordogne tourist sites.

Gramat Animal Park

Discover some 150 different species in nearly 40 hectares.
Situated in the heart of the Quercy plateau, in Gramat in the Lot department, the animal park is about 30 minutes from Payrac, between Rocamadour and Padirac.


Eagle Rock

Here you can admire over 400 different birds in flight.
Situated on an exceptional site in Rocamadour, at the heart of the Causses du Quercy regional park, in the Lot department, 20 minutes from Payrac.



The biggest collection of reptiles in France with over 100 different species.
Situated in the Lot department, in Martel, and about 30 minutes from Payrac.



The Padirac Caves
The most famous caves in Europe. Go down 103 metres under the earth and travel along an underground river where you’ll be amazed by the finest geological curiosities in France.
Situated in Lot in the Causses du Quercy regional park, between Rocamadour and Saint Céré, the caves are about 45 minutes from Payrac.

Lascaux Caves
The temple of prehistoric art. Here you will see paintings recounting how people saw the world at that period.
Situated in the village of Montignac, in the Dordogne department, this tourist site is a one-hour drive from Payrac.

Zoological reserve of Calviac

Discover 30 endangered species at 30 minutes from the campsite near Sarlat.


Squirrel forest

A tree-climbing park, with six adventure paths for children, but also for the more seasoned climbers. You can also try your hand at paintball.
Ideally situated between Souillac in Lot and Sarlat in Dordogne, it takes about 40 minutes to get there from Les Pins campsite in Payrac.


Cave of Marvels

Listed as an historic monument since 1925. Come and see time at work.
The prehistoric cave of Marvels is in L’Hospitalet, a locality near Rocamadour, in the Lot department, about 20 minutes from Les Pins campsite in Payrac.

Lacave caves

Plunge into an underground world. A guided visit lasting an hour and twenty minutes awaits you.
From Payrac in Lot, take the tourist route towards Rocamadour into the Causses du Quercy regional park, and after Calès follow the signs to Lacave (about 15 minutes by car).


Cougnac caves

Discover a magical, hidden world. The caves have been listed as an historic monument since 1954.
Situated between Gourdon and Payrignac in Lot, the caves are 15 minutes from Payrac. Follow the signs to Vigan and then to Gourdon


The gardens of Eyrignac manor

Come and visit this 10-hectare French-style garden. You can explore the 7 km on your own or with an audio-guide.
Situated near Sarlat in Dordogne, from Les Pins campsite in Payrac in the Lot, you’ll reach this green haven in under an hour.