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Melon, lamb, foie gras, confit of duck, here you’ll eat well, but healthily!

Enjoy Lot’s regional products: Cahors wine, Rocamadour and cabécou cheese, foie gras, confit of duck, Perigord nuts, saffron, lamb and Quercy melon. Discover the best restaurants of the region.

Lot’s gastronomy is rich and varied. In the south-west, eating is a real art and a way of life!

Come and discover our gastronomy: feel the foie gras melting in your mouth, savour the gravelly asperity of a Cahors wine, fall for a cabécou cheese with honey. In short, give in to the temptation of our regional products with their incredible richness. The Lot department is part of the south-west region, and here eating is a real art and a way of life, and above all the opportunity to enjoy time with friends.


Our recommendations

The Roc du Berger: a farmhouse restaurant near Rocamadour on the Padirac road. A convivial restaurant, situated in a former truffle farm in the Causses du Quercy regional park. Local products guaranteed. Excellent grilled meats. Play area for children.

You’ll find happiness on your plate at the Moulin de Caoulet, 12 km from Payrac.
For fans of trout with white flesh, strolling along the banks of the Ouysse, you’ll meet Jean-Luc Murat and his wife Martine, who will be happy to welcome you to the Moulin (Windmill) de Caoulet, which was used to grind wheat from the region until the 1950s. Using eggs taken directly from the mountain streams of the Pyrenees, they raise fine lively trout weighing from 150g to 6 kg.



The Rocamadour is a pure goat’s cheese, made exclusively with full-fat unpasteurised milk, moulded by hand and then matured in the cellars of the region for a minimum of six days.
The Rocamadour has a fine white ribbed and velvety skin with a smooth texture and a subtle creamy butter taste.